Lesson Policies

West Coast Aquatics Lessons Policies


Class Duration-

All classes are 30 minutes long.


Class Size and Content-

Classes have a small class ratio. Level 1 & 2 classes will have a 4:1 ratio. Level 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 will have a 5:1 ratio. Levels 8, 9, & 10 will have a 6:1 ratio. Classes are built to keep age and ability close together. We attempt to keep students within 2 yrs of age. So a 4 and 6 yr old could be in the same class, but a 4 and 8 yr old would not normally be grouped together. At older ages, a 10 yr old could be with a 13 yr old if the levels are appropriate. Students will be grouped together by level as well, however students do progress at different rates, so chances of each student being exactly the same skill level is very rare. Please have confidence in our program and teachers, trusting that your child will learn the skills they need to and get the appropriate amount of attention regardless of the level make-up of the class.



Payment is due at the time of registration.  No session will be held without payment.  No session will be prorated for classes that are going to be missed due to vacations or other activities.  If you are signing up for a session that has already begun, and there is still space available, we will then prorate the cost of the class. 



There will be a $20.00 cancelation fee for all sessions canceled prior to the start date of a session.  The remaining balance will be refunded.  Cancelations made on or after the start date will not be given a refund or account credit of any kind.  



West Coast Aquatics reserves the right to charge a $10.00 transfer fee for changing the time and/or day of the week of a class once the registration transaction has been completed.  (Example: If a family needs to change from the January MWF class to TTH, or from 5:30pm to 6:00pm $10 will be charged.) A $20.00 transfer fee will be charged if a transfer is made after the start date of a session to a different session entirely. (Example: If a family decides to change from a January class to a February class after the January class began, $20.00 will be charged. Example: If a family enrolled in the January session, but decides before the sessions begins that they want to transfer to February this would be a $10 fee.)


Missed Classes-

No make-up classes are available.  A credit toward future lessons will be provided only if a child misses two (2) or more consecutive classes due to illness, with a dated letter from his/her physician, specifically stating that said child should not be allowed to swim.  Other activities are not an acceptable reason for a credit.


Parent Seating Areas-

Parents are not permitted out on the pool deck and around the pools.  We have designated seating areas for all parents and guardians, which are marked with signs.  Please, respect this rule as it is only to keep you and your child safe, and to allow your child the best environment in which to learn.  West Coast Aquatics reserves the right to have continually resisting parents leave the pool area completely. 


Privacy Policy-

Due to legal concerns, parents are not permitted to operate video or photo recording devices on the pool deck. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. This is for the protection and privacy of all participants and families.


Swim Attire-

Appropriate swim attire must be worn on the pool deck and in the water.  No street clothes are permitted in the pool; examples: jean shorts, underwear, t-shirts etc. 

Goggles- may be worn, but are not necessary.  Keep in mind that children may become dependent on goggles which can become a safety issue if the fall into a pool, and are not used to swimming without goggles.  Once students have reached about level 4 they can start to use goggles all of the time.



Locker Rooms-

Both Men’s and Women’s locker rooms, including showers and restrooms, are provided for your use.  We ask that you do NOT change your children on the pool deck before or after their lesson.  This is for the comfort and safety of all the patrons of our pool facility.  Please do not take boys in the women’s locker room or girls in the men’s locker room. You may use the satellite restrooms to change children, if you cannot take them in the appropriate locker room.


Sun Block-

It is a good idea to use sun block or sun screen on your children for swim lessons as our pools are outdoors.  However, sun block/screen should NOT be applied when you get to the pool.  Sun block must be applied 15 minutes before getting in the water, or it will just wash right off.  If sun block is applied right before getting in the water, it will be absolutely useless, and will only cause our pool water to be cloudy.  Even spray-on sun block must be use 15 minutes in advance in order for the skin to absorb it. 



WEST teachers are CPR Certified.  Many are competitive swimmers themselves, and all enjoy working with children.  All instructors are trained to teach lessons and the best methods to help your children learn to swim at all of the 10 levels.  A teacher will be assigned to a class for an entire session, and will be able to continue to progress your child through the levels at the child’s own rate.  Although we try to schedule by age and ability, children do progress at different rates.  Please be confident in you teacher’s ability to teach multiple levels in each class.  Consistency of instructors is very important to us, but illness and unforeseen events still occur.  In the case that an instructor is unable to make it we will provide a substitute.  You may request a specific teacher and we will try to accommodate your request, but we are unable to guarantee that you will get that instructor.


Thank You-

We at West Coast Aquatics appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your children, and thank you for you understanding of our policies.  Have a great summer, and we wish your children happy swimming!

-West Coast Staff