Black Cap Awards

West Coast Black Cap Awards


Who is a “Black Cap” swimmer :  A “Black Cap” swimmer represents Courage; Generosity; Fairness; and Honor.  A “Black Cap” swimmer is a true team player in all aspects.  They are not necessarily the fastest swimmer but they work hard every day, the go above and beyond to make sure that their teammates have every opportunity to be successful, they are committed to good athletics as well as academics, and they are most importantly a positive representative of our team in the pool and away from the pool. This award is to be treated with highest honor by all coaches, staff and swimmers.

When to give this award: This award is not to be taken lightly.  The award is to be given out conservatively.   There will be a plaque in the case on the dive tower that celebrates all “Black Cap” award winners.  This award may be given to any member of the team that represents the above criteria.

The History Behind the Black Cap:  I wanted an award that coaches could give their swimmers throughout the year.  I wanted something that would allow us as a team and coaches to distinguish qualities that WCA values in our team members and celebrate those individuals who represent those qualities year-round.This idea came from another great team with, strong values and a successful coach, the Nebraska Cornhuskers Football team, more specifically, the 1st string defensive line for the Huskers football team.  Coach Bob Devany, then the Huskers defensive coach wanted something that would distinguish his 1st string defensive linemen and honor their success as team members.  Every year at the beginning of the season, when positions are awarded, in a very prized ceremony, the “Blackshirts” are awarded to the 1st string.  In special cases other key defensive players are awarded a “Blackshirt”.  There have been times during the history of the Huskers when defensive team members will remove their own “Blackshirt” jersey signifying that they don’t feel as though they are putting their best effort forward.